14 March 2009

Studio Still Life

Oil on Linen size:16x20 inches

Hotwells Basin

Oil on Linen (size: 61 X 76cm)
Framed: £1300

Forest Study NSW Australia

Forest Study (size: 76 X 91cm) 1993
Framed: £2,000.00

Still Life with Striped Jug

Oil on Canvas [22x31 inches] 1983
Framed £1600.00 (SOLD)

Beach at Big Sur

Oil on Canvas (size: 41 X 51cm)
Framed: £850.00

Abu Dhabi Mosque

Oil on Canvas (size: 61 X 55cm) 1995
Framed £850.00

Beach in Thailand

Oil on Canvas Panel (size 16x20 inches) 2006
Framed: £950.00

Grand Canyon Storm Passing

Oil on Canvas: (size: 16x20 inches) 2005
Framed: £850.00

Canyonlands New Mexico USA

Oil on Canvas (size: 40.64 X 50.8cm) 2005

Bristlecone Pines 3

White Mountains, California, USA 2007
Oil on Linen (size: 20x32 inches) 
 Price £1.750

Grand Canyon Sunset

Oil on Canvas (size: 46 X 76cm)

La Montagne Sainte Victoire

Oil on Canvas (size: 56 X 66cm) 2006
Framed: £900.00

Lanscape in Provence

Oil on Canvas (size:18x24 inches) 2006
Framed: £900.00

Riven Oak Autumn

Oil on Canvas (size: 51 X 71cm)
Framed: £950.00

Tree Study in Spring

Oil on Canvas Panel (size:16x20inches) 2007
Framed: £950.00

The Dressmaker

Oil on canvas (size 41 x53 inches) 1974

Trees and Stream

Oil on Canvas (size: 16 x 20") 2008
Framed: £850.00 SOLD

Gorse Roots

Oil on Canvas (size: 14 x 14") 1977
Framed: £850.00

Dubai Creek, Early Morning

Oil on Canvas (size: 14 x 18") 1995
Framed: £750.00

Snow over Avon Gorge

Oil on Canvas (size: 24x30) 1990
Framed: £1,500.00 Sold

Still Life with Yellow Jug

Oil on Canvas (size: 21x31inches) 1985
Framed: £1,600.00

Still Life with Skull

Oil on Canvas Panel (size:16x20inches) 1982
Framed: £850.00

Still Life with Basket of Grapes

Oil on Canvas (size: 18x24 inches) 1990
Framed: £1,300.00

Still Life with Brown Pot

Oil on Canvas (size: 16x20inches) 1980
Framed: £850.00

The Circus

Oil on Canvas (size:27x40 inches) 1999
Framed: £2,000.00