16 March 2009

Latest Exhibition

27th March - 28 April
 New Gallery
Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol
Open times: Mon to Fri: 10am -5.30pm

This exhibition consists of a selection of paintings created over  Peter Swan's  50 year career.

15 March 2009


We are currently in the process of adding paintings, information and prices over this next month.
Please be patient while we slowly get this all together.

14 March 2009

Studio Still Life

Oil on Linen size:16x20 inches

Hotwells Basin

Oil on Linen (size: 61 X 76cm)
Framed: £1300

Forest Study NSW Australia

Forest Study (size: 76 X 91cm) 1993
Framed: £2,000.00

Still Life with Striped Jug

Oil on Canvas [22x31 inches] 1983
Framed £1600.00 (SOLD)

Beach at Big Sur

Oil on Canvas (size: 41 X 51cm)
Framed: £850.00

Abu Dhabi Mosque

Oil on Canvas (size: 61 X 55cm) 1995
Framed £850.00

Beach in Thailand

Oil on Canvas Panel (size 16x20 inches) 2006
Framed: £950.00

Grand Canyon Storm Passing

Oil on Canvas: (size: 16x20 inches) 2005
Framed: £850.00

Canyonlands New Mexico USA

Oil on Canvas (size: 40.64 X 50.8cm) 2005

Bristlecone Pines 3

White Mountains, California, USA 2007
Oil on Linen (size: 20x32 inches) 
 Price £1.750

Grand Canyon Sunset

Oil on Canvas (size: 46 X 76cm)

La Montagne Sainte Victoire

Oil on Canvas (size: 56 X 66cm) 2006
Framed: £900.00

Lanscape in Provence

Oil on Canvas (size:18x24 inches) 2006
Framed: £900.00

Riven Oak Autumn

Oil on Canvas (size: 51 X 71cm)
Framed: £950.00

Tree Study in Spring

Oil on Canvas Panel (size:16x20inches) 2007
Framed: £950.00

The Dressmaker

Oil on canvas (size 41 x53 inches) 1974

Trees and Stream

Oil on Canvas (size: 16 x 20") 2008
Framed: £850.00 SOLD

Gorse Roots

Oil on Canvas (size: 14 x 14") 1977
Framed: £850.00

Dubai Creek, Early Morning

Oil on Canvas (size: 14 x 18") 1995
Framed: £750.00

Snow over Avon Gorge

Oil on Canvas (size: 24x30) 1990
Framed: £1,500.00 Sold

Still Life with Yellow Jug

Oil on Canvas (size: 21x31inches) 1985
Framed: £1,600.00

Still Life with Skull

Oil on Canvas Panel (size:16x20inches) 1982
Framed: £850.00

Still Life with Basket of Grapes

Oil on Canvas (size: 18x24 inches) 1990
Framed: £1,300.00

Still Life with Brown Pot

Oil on Canvas (size: 16x20inches) 1980
Framed: £850.00

The Circus

Oil on Canvas (size:27x40 inches) 1999
Framed: £2,000.00